Sigulda Footballgolf park

Turn your outdoor walk to the exciting adventure !!!

You are welcome to visit Sigulda footbollgolf park !!! 


  • suitable for different ages

  • does not require special clothing and equipment

  • a personal challenge - a common pleasure

Sigulda Footballgolf Park is a family-run recreation area, the first 18-hole football golf park in the Baltics, located in the picturesque Gauja National Park.

Footballgolf is an outdoor game for family and friends.  The general aim of the play is to kick the ball into the hole according the rules of golf. There are 18 holes available for play with different obstacles and hazards, what makes the play interesting for the each player. The game can be played in pairs or in teams of 3-4 persons. The winner is the team who has played one round of 18 holes with the lowest total number of kicks. 

One round of play can be done in 1-2 hours, depending on the number of people per hole and and the selected round.





Adults 10, - EUR / pers.

Children (under 12)  8, - EUR / pers.

Price includes: footbollgolf park visit and inventory (play one round - 18 holes) 



20 eur /H up to 30 pers. For each additional person an additional 1 eur.

Available rest areas, picnic places, campfire places with firewood, grill (coal not included in the price), swings, small football field)

* Pre-booking is mandatory for both the game time and the planned rest time after the game!

* Staying in the park before and after the game without coordination with the hosts is not allowed!

Please reserve game time in advance! 




  In order to be able to regulate the flow and the number of people, arrival only after prior reservations.
❗️Please read the conditions of the visit❗️

- If you feel unwell, please do not visit Sigulda footballgolf park;
- If you have returned from abroad, please plan a visit to Sigulda footballgolf park not earlier than 14 days, after self-isolation;
- Please make reservation in advance;
- Be responsible and follow national restrictions on movement and assembly;
- We remind you that the game and stay time in Sigulda football golf park is up to 1,5 hours;
- You can take your 5 th edition football ball with you;
- During the game, please, do not touch the information boards of the starting areas and hole flags;
- It is desirable to pay for the game by transfer via mobile bank (POS terminal is not available);
We will provide:
- Foottball ball disinfection and common room, surface disinfection;
- A place to wash your hands;
- Regulate player flow.

To check the availability of services, please make reservation in advance:


Phone: +371 26022919; +371 26171222








We offer to purchase a gift card for visiting Sigulda footbollgolf park!


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